A 16-week transformational program featuring the proven framework of Mind Magic® and my personal energy mastery techniques.




The world is so hungry for brilliant, creative people like YOU to wake up and get out of your own way — and SYNERGY is designed to satisfy that hunger. Using the proven framework of Mind Magic ®, SYNERGY will teach you how to leverage your mind as the magical tool it is to show up as the unstoppable human you are.

YOU have the power to master your energy and guide it towards your dreams.

When your mind, body and spirit become synergized, your entire human experience gets an upgrade.

Stop striving, settling, censoring, hiding, and shrinking, and finally embody and operate from the highest version of yourself 

Thanks to neuroplasticity, your brain’s ability to change and adapt, you can actually rewire your mind through your thoughts. That means you get to support yourself in becoming HER/HIM, the version of you who achieves all their goals and actualizes their dreams.

Choose your thoughts. Change your mind.

Change your life.

Become the observer of yourself so that you stop running on autopilot, giving your power away, and falling victim to your habits 

Free yourself from stress, frenetic energy, and fight-or-flight responses and live in a space where you respond instead of react

Break up with your inner bully, shed self-judgment, quit self-flagellating, and start treating yourself with love and compassion

Say goodbye to feeling resentful, easily triggered, and constantly judged, because nothing outside of you determines how you get to feel

Shift your relationship with fear so that you can show up, be more visible, and take action to create your future self, one choice at a time

Eradicate the great lie of unworthiness and finally believe that you are have always been enough

You’ll stop waiting ‘til you get more clients, ‘til you get that promotion, ‘til your kids behave a certain way…(it’s never enough, is it?) 

Imagine having the power to consciously shift how you feel, who you’re being, and what you’re able to achieve...no matter what’s going on in your external circumstances.

What if you never had to wait for external circumstances to change to show up as the best version of you?

Learn about your chakras and how to care for your energy bodies for the rest of your life — this impacts your kids, your partners, everyone in your world. As you understand and learn, you will naturally be the example they need to see. 

All you need to get there is

My 16-week program features the proven framework of MIND MAGIC ® and my personal energy mastery techniques, that will teach you the “how” behind all of the personal development hype so that you can use the power of choice to create the highest level of freedom you’ve ever experienced.  

You will explore your own unique personal energy signature and what it means to fully express yourself as YOU, to stop hiding your light, stop letting fear keep you playing small.


It’s practical magic!


The transformation begins with...

 that will help reprogram your subconscious mind to believe in your worth, embrace change, and create unstoppable confidence. (All while you sleep)

System altering, hypnotic recordings...

that you can work through and implement to begin to see results right away, and continue to apply to support you throughout your journey. 

Workbooks + growth tools...

of extraordinary, unconditionally loving humans where you can receive daily support from Tammi and our epic community. Share challenges, ask questions, and celebrate each other. This is the secret sauce to the transformation, our connection with each other is everything in a post 2020 world. Community is the medicine!

Our exclusive private Facebook community...

taught by Tammi via Zoom. You’ll learn about your energy system, energy hygiene and the MIND MAGIC ® framework for mastering your thoughts and emotions.

12 live 90-minute classes...

When you join SYNERGY, you’ll get:

where you can ask questions and receive LIVE coaching from Tammi. 

6 additional group coaching sessions...

 of all sessions and calls so that you can continue to refer to them when new issues arise or you simply want to revisit the work. 

Video recording for life...


per month

The Sacred Circle

The Investment



She has a playful but firm way of delivering information that nudges the subconscious and pacifies the ego enough to be still, even when it's being called out.

"Tammi is genuinely a wonderful coach, and her delivery is what really sets her services apart." 

– PAM R.

My Mom passed away last year and I was hoping that she would greet Tammi as she tapped into her mediumship powers. I was so surprised when Tammi hit the nail on the head in describing how my Mom was appearing to her. She talked about my Mom's love of Chanel No.5, her fancy outfits and proper ways. It was such a relief to know my Mom is in heaven and watching down on me.

"I recently sat down for a reading with Tammi and I have to say that I was blown away by her talent!" 


Her reading for me on the surface seemed simple, but the more she read and asked questions the more I realized she had reached deeper a meaning. She offered the guidance I was looking for in my business and helped me connect to my grandmother and receive a message that could only have come from her!

"Tammi has a gift that even the biggest skeptic can't deny." 

Kind Words from Clients

I’ve got a knack for turning enigmatic mindset work into applicable practices and tools that actually shift the way you experience your reality. 
I will help you uncover your true nature and access your inner gifts through a unique culmination of intuitive reading, energy healing and mindset coaching.

I’m Tammi — Your New Intuitive Coach and Energy Guide!

Hi there!

After working together you will no longer rely on conditional happiness. Instead, you will…

Actualize your vision while being happy, joyous, and present along the way

Feel more connected in your relationships and wake up every single day with a deep sense of gratitude — beyond your journal and into your state of being

Have a deep sense of self-trust so that you can live in an empowered state of calm, creativity, and flow

Use the power of metacognition to feed yourself the thoughts you need to think to become the person you want to be

Guide your own evolution with self-compassion and self-forgiveness and truly embracing the beautiful humanness that you are 

Step up, speak up, and show up as the visionary leader the world needs you to be 

per month

The Sacred Circle

The Investment