I help people connect with their inner gifts and unique energy to transform how they experience their reality.

I'm Tammi.

Hi there!

During the pandemic, I went on a journey with Mind Magic® — it was the thread I needed to sew all my pieces together.

Being a teacher, coach and healer is all I ever wanted to be.

I’m a regular human, wife and mom who had trouble coping in the modern world and found myself seeking more. 

Just like you, I was seeking more.

My journey has been full of the typical ups and downs, but along the way I was brave enough to follow my fears right to my biggest dreams.

I just had to find a way to believe it was possible despite the millions of reasons my mind told me it wasn’t in the cards for me.

I help people CONNECT TO THEIR INNER ABILITY to heal themselves the same way I healed myself and continue to do so as i grow and evolve. 

I stopped being afraid of my super powers and have learned how to use them for good. That decision to invest in coaching and guidance changed everything for me. We are always one small decision away from a totally different reality.

I am now a Certified Neuro Identity Evolution Practitioner®, and certified in energy healing techniques through the practice of Pranic Healing®. I consider what I do best described as a blend of intuitive coaching and energy healing. 

What is Energy Coaching?

I teach you how to understand and leverage your energy system in an easy, fun and compassionate format. My personal blend of spiritual guidance, mindset coaching and energy hygiene teaches you how to master your own energy, no matter what life throws at you. 

Your bio-energetic field informs your reality.

My brand of coaching is centered around our human bio-energy system, which is comprised of our physical body, our emotional body (heart/feelings) and our mental body (mind/thoughts).

In other words...
you are the creator of your reality!

Since then, I’ve learned so much about the power that exists within me to create the life I dream of. Now, I just want to help you create your dream life.

I was about to find out that we are pure potential in human form — we can do anything.

and pursue being an entrepreneur with my husband in his art. I was sure we’d be homeless in no time — but I have never been happier to report how wrong I was.

In 2015, I left my cushy job of over a decade in commercial real estate to stay home with my then newborn son...

My Story

Leverage your unique energy to create your reality


Achieve things you thought were impossible for you


Minimize anxiety, stress, struggle and maximize ease, joy, success


Enough about me,
I'm here to help you...

The Sacred Circle is my private membership community for women who are ready to live in harmony within themselves and the world around us. We prioritize our energy & nurture our magic in a supportive, sisterhood collective.  

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Intuitive readings that offer mediumship, communication, healing and guidance from your team in Spirit. These one time, one hour sessions pack a powerful punch of clarity and confirmation for your journey.  

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Work with Tammi in a group or experience a 1:1 Sacred Soul Session, you will be forever transformed,
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