It’s Time to Master Your Energy and Make Your Dreams Your Reality

Learn how to discover, embrace and leverage your unique, unlimited Divine energy to live a life that feels like magic!

The truth is, we create our reality from the inside out. ‘Ok, makes sense — but how?’ Learning how to master my mind and get out of my own way changed my life. 

Ready to wake up and live your dream life? You’re in the right place.


Now I love to help my clients shift their reality using intuitive energetic practices and Neuro Identity Evolution®, a proven transformative methodology that shows you how to leverage your magical mind to show up as the unstoppable human you are. 

This is a private membership community for spiritual and spiritually curious ladies to gather, learn and make magic together. It's like a gym membership for your Soul.

Learn how to work with the natural cycles of the Universe and your own Divine Intuition. Explore metaphysical subjects and philosophies with in a  community of a high vibrational women, and so much more!

The Sacred Circle Membership

How We Can Work Together

A private session with Tammi offering you an opportunity to heal through connecting with loved ones in Spirit and accessing your Akashic Records for wisdom. Using her powerful mediumship gifts, coaching skills and energy healing these sessions gift you a quantum leap when you need it. 

Sacred Soul Session - Intuitive Reading

Click here to find out more about in person event services. 
Psychic readings, mediumship galleries, educational workshops...
Combining over 15 years in the event industry with my metaphysical skills and talents creates a magical experience for your groups and gatherings. 

Extraordinary Events! 


Her reading for me on the surface seemed simple, but the more she read and asked questions the more I realized she had reached deeper a meaning. She offered the guidance I was looking for in my business and helped me connect to my grandmother and receive a message that could only have come from her!

"Tammi has a gift that even the biggest skeptic can't deny." 


She has a playful but firm way of delivering information that nudges the subconscious and pacifies the ego enough to be still, even when it's being called out.

"Tammi is genuinely a wonderful coach, and her delivery is what really sets her services apart." 

– PAM R.

My Mom passed away last year and I was hoping that she would greet Tammi as she tapped into her mediumship powers. I was so surprised when Tammi hit the nail on the head in describing how my Mom was appearing to her. She talked about my Mom's love of Chanel No.5, her fancy outfits and proper ways. It was such a relief to know my Mom is in heaven and watching down on me.

"I recently sat down for a reading with Tammi and I have to say that I was blown away by her talent!" 

Kind Words from Clients

I’ve got a knack for turning enigmatic spiritual and philosophical concepts into applicable practices and tools that actually shift the way you experience your reality. 
I will help you uncover your true nature and access your inner gifts through a unique culmination of intuitive reading, energy healing and mindset coaching. 

I’m Tammi - Certified Coach, Psychic Medium & Energy Healer

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